Modern CMake

with Benjamin Beney in Lyon, France


  1. Configure simple and complex projects with CMake

  2. Understand the basics of CMake (variables, cache, flow, etc.)

  3. Experiment unit testing with CTest

  4. Package full applications with CPack

  5. Setup a continuous integration platform with CDash

  6. Quickly get up to speed with the various tools: CMake, CPack, CTest and CDash


Session's date: March 18, 2019 (1 day long)
Current price: 600 €


About the instructor

Benjamin Beney joined the European Kitware team in Lyon as an R&D engineer in March 2014.  He received a Master in Computer Science specializing in image processing from the Claude Bernard University.

Benjamin’s technical knowledge in C/C ++, Java, OpenGL, Qt and OpenCV gives him a versatile profile to work on transverse projects at Kitware.

At Kitware, Benjamin works on projects developing mobile applications on Android and iOS as well as visualization applications on the web. Benjamin is also involved in the development of complex visualization applications based VTK and ParaView.

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