ITK for Developers

with Julien Finet in Lyon, France

March 19, 2020 (1 day long)

ITK is an open-source, cross-platform system that provides developers with an extensive suite of software tools for image analysis.  Developed through extreme programming methodologies, ITK employs leading-edge algorithms for registering and segmenting multidimensional data.


  1. Understand how to create an application using ITK

  2. Understand ITK s basic functions

  3. Create and run segmentation filters

  4. Create and run registration filters


  1. Build a command line executable

  2. Basic knowledge in image processing

  3. Knowledge in C++


  • ITK Architecture

    • Processing pipeline frameworks

    • Memory & language

  • Segmentation

    • Segmentation algorithms based on region growing 

  • Registration

    • Modules for customized registration algorithm

    • Multimodal affine registration.

  • Application development

    • Integrate ITK and your ITK algorithms in a C++ application


This training course will be taught in English.
Course notes are also in English.
Participants are asked to bring a laptop computer for this training session.
The instructor will communicate all the specifications required to each participants before the training session.

Lunch is included.

All Kitware training courses can be customized and held at Kitware's training centers (In the EU: Lyon, France; or in the US: Clifton Park, New York; Carrboro, North Carolina; Santa Fe, New Mexico) or at your own site (quotation).

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Practical information

March 19, 2020

Current price: 600 €*

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About the instructor

Julien Finet received his B.S. in Computer Science with a specialization in Imaging from the University Institute of Technology of Reims (France) in 2002, and his M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from the Technological University of Compiegne (France) in 2005.

Prior to joining Kitware, Mr. Finet worked as an intern at Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton, NJ) in the Neuro Imaging department.He later worked as a consultant for General Electric Healthcare in Buc (France) in the Advantage Workstation department.

At Kitware, Julien Finet has been involved in numerous projects for the Medical and Scientific Visualization departments(VTKITKParaView...). He notably was the technical lead for porting 3D Slicer to Qt. He has been a major developer on CTK and was leading the Bender project, a Slicer based application for repositioning voxelized anatomical models.In 2014, Julien moved to Kitware France.

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