Computer Vision with OpenCV

with Bastien Jacquet in Lyon, France

October 15, 2019 (1 day long)

This course covers the main features of OpenCV, an open source library dedicated to computer vision, through its core functionalities and advanced image processing modules.
The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.



  1. Implement your own image processing algorithm

  2. Understand the main structures for image processing

  3. Learn the possibility of OpenCV in computer vision applications


  1. C++: Good knowledge

  2. Image processing: Good knowledge


OpenCV overview

  • Settings
  • Main features 
  • C++ design
  • First app : "Cheese!" 


  • Reading/Writing/Displaying images 
  • Reading videos
  • Capturing/Writing/Displaying video from a camera device

Image processing

  • In-depth study of the cv::Mat object  
  • Basic filtering : smoothing images 
  • Video processing : lips and eyes tracking 
This training course will be taught in English.
Course notes are also in English.
Participants are asked to bring a laptop computer for this training session.
The instructor will communicate all the specifications required to each participants before the training session.

Lunch is included.

All Kitware training courses can be customized and held at Kitware's training centers (In the EU: Lyon, France; or in the US: Clifton Park, New York; Carrboro, North Carolina; Santa Fe, New Mexico) or at your own site (quotation).

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Practical information

October 15, 2019
(Early registrations end: September 24, 2019)

Standard price: 600 €
Current price: 480 €*

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About the instructor

Bastien Jacquet joined Kitware Europe in January 2016 as Technical Lead to promote and extend Kitware's Computer Vision expertise in Europe.

Bastien did his Ph.D. studies in Computer Vision at ETH Zurich (Switzerland), and is expected to receive his degree in 2016. His Ph.D. research investigated the different aspects of 3D reconstruction of multi-body scenes from images.

Bastien is passionate about 3D reconstruction; his technical knowledge covers C++, Python, Java, Matlab, OpenGL, HTML/Javascript/WebGL. He is interested in enabling computers to understand the world through pictures or videos.

Bastien received a dual /diplome d’Ingenieur /(M.Eng.) from École Polytechnique Paris and École des Ponts ParisTech as well as MSc. In Applied Mathematics specializing in Mathematics, Computer Vision and Machine Learning from ENS Cachan (France) in 2010.

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