ParaView User

with Mathieu Westphal in Lyon, France

October 7, 2019 (1 day long)

This course will give an overview of ParaView: how to visualize and process data. The examples are based on use cases from several scientific domains.

The training mixes theory and application with a set of tutorials and exercises.


  1. Explore ParaView user's interface

  2. Visualize and process data using ParaView

  3. Discover ParaView Python scripting

  4. Discover ParaView extension with plugins


  1. Python : Basic knowledge

  2. VTK : A basic knowledge is a plus


ParaView Overview

  • Datasets visualization and browsing
  • Datasets post processing 
  • Pipeline and filters


  • Introduction to the ParaView Python API


  • Introduction to the use and development of ParaView plugins
This training course will be taught in English.
Course notes are also in English.
Participants are asked to bring a laptop computer for this training session.
The instructor will communicate all the specifications required to each participants before the training session.

Lunch is included.

All Kitware training courses can be customized and held at Kitware's training centers (In the EU: Lyon, France; or in the US: Clifton Park, New York; Carrboro, North Carolina; Santa Fe, New Mexico) or at your own site (quotation).

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Practical information

October 7, 2019

Current price: 600 €*

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About the instructor

Mathieu Westphal joined Kitware's European team in Lyon as an R&D engineer in April 2015.

After receiving degrees from INSA Lyon and ENS Lyon, Mathieu first worked on adaptative optics and visualization pipelines.

Now one of the main ParaView contributors, his technical proficiency in algorithmic, parallel programming, UI and visualization in general, allows him to work on different projects at Kitware.

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